Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back On Track for 2011

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thankfully, we are getting back to our normal routine after the busy holidays. Rose is 19 months now and full of energy! Nothing is safe from the little fingers of Rose - she can climb, reach or give Daddy those puppy dog eyes to get whatever she wants.

Below are some videos of Rose "talking" now. She has the cutest little voice. She is definitely still a diva :)


Rose loves playing with her food. She just recently starting refusing to sit in her highchair. YAH for having messes all over the house. We are working on "sitting in the big girl chair while we eat". If anyone has any tips, please do share.

We are going to be in big trouble when she is a teenager!

Merry Christmas! Rose's 2nd Christmas. She figured out how to open presents, and went running around helping everyone open their presents.

Rose also got her first haircut on Christmas Eve, thanks to LouLou. She looks so grown up now!

This video was taken when we were in Dallas, TX during Thanksgiving visit family (Rose was 17 months old). I can't believe how close those birds let her get before they took off...hehe. Rose was really confused and fascinated by them.

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T2Nashville said...

Hard to believe this child is almost 2 years old! She is a beauty, and you're right - I don't envy those teenage years for you guys!