Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back On Track for 2011

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thankfully, we are getting back to our normal routine after the busy holidays. Rose is 19 months now and full of energy! Nothing is safe from the little fingers of Rose - she can climb, reach or give Daddy those puppy dog eyes to get whatever she wants.

Below are some videos of Rose "talking" now. She has the cutest little voice. She is definitely still a diva :)


Rose loves playing with her food. She just recently starting refusing to sit in her highchair. YAH for having messes all over the house. We are working on "sitting in the big girl chair while we eat". If anyone has any tips, please do share.

We are going to be in big trouble when she is a teenager!

Merry Christmas! Rose's 2nd Christmas. She figured out how to open presents, and went running around helping everyone open their presents.

Rose also got her first haircut on Christmas Eve, thanks to LouLou. She looks so grown up now!

This video was taken when we were in Dallas, TX during Thanksgiving visit family (Rose was 17 months old). I can't believe how close those birds let her get before they took off...hehe. Rose was really confused and fascinated by them.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Adventures

I'm really late with posting this. I thought I hit post but apparently I didn't. You can enjoy Halloween pics close to Christmas. Lucky you! :) I'll be posting more pics soon.

Rose also loves my spice rack. Here she is hoarding the spice rack underneath the desk.

Rose fell asleep on the couch for the first time. Taylor thought she'd join.

Rose's new thing is to watch movies and drink her sippys while cuddled in the laundry basket. She will stay in there. I think she does it because she thinks she can avoid going to bed, but she's wrong.

Going through her treasures. Then, eating them. Man, she was mad when I took her candy away.

The first trick or treating house. Rose wasn't scared at all. She was fascinated by the witch costume.

Family picture before trick or treating.

Rose as a flower.

Rose bowling at a kids halloween party. She LOVES balls!

Our Little Ladybug

Taking pictures with Julian. Rose is a ladybug, Julian is a monkey.

Rose loves drinking out of her big girl cup. She squeals with delight when she sees me heading to the cabinet.

Picking pumpkins with Pa.

Rose picking mums.

Going through the maze with Daddy.

Grandma (PMa) and Mom (Jama) at Walden Farms.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

August and September Fun (Rose: 15-16 Months)

August and September have FLOWN by. Below are some pictures of our adventures this fall.

We are introducing Rose to the potty. She'd much rather play and stuff it to the brim with toys, so I'm going to guess she's not ready yet :)

Some of Rose's likes:
- Eating: This child will eat anything, anytime.

- Necklaces: Her new obsession. She will run all over the place with piles of necklaces on.

- Feeding herself. She's a BIG girl!

Her Mommy and Daddy (She loves me the best - hehe)

- Shoes! She loves to put on either my shoes or Blake's flipflops. She'll only do one at a time and will try to run. She's so funny.

She looks like a little girl now. I can't believe how fast time is flying.

August Adventures:
My brother graduated from MTSU! YAH! Congrats, Brad!

My family visited from Knoxville, Texas and Alabama to celebrate his graduation. We got to meet Josiah, Rose's cousin, for the first time.

Rose helping me out in the kitchen. She loves baking with me.

Rose trying out the 4 wheeler. I didn't get much of a video though, sorry. I was too busy laughing and helping her steer.

September Adventures:
- Birthdays galore. We had Aunt Sara, Uncle Brad, Cousin Michael, Maren, Bayley and friend, Abbey
- Camping trip. We went camping for 4 days for Michael and Bradley's birthday - it was a blast. Rose slept pretty good in the tent and enjoyed being outdoors 24/7.


Abbey's 1st Birthday Party:

Rose with Julian in the pool.

We hope that everyone is doing well!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation in Orange Beach - 14 to 15 Months

July and August have been very busy months for us...

We had our first real family vacation in Orange Beach, AL with the Scarborough family. Rose had a blast. The ocean has some oil-age, so we spent most of our time in the pool(s) and air conditioned condo (with cable!). Rose loved having a lot of freedom and being spoiled non-stop by Lou Lou, Pops, Uncle Chris and Aunt Sara. Our friends, the Kurtz's, joined us half-way through; which we also thoroughly enjoyed.

Rose is now 15 months old. She is now a pro at walking and is nearing full-fledged running and tip-toeing. She is a true princess at everything she does (shocker!) and is JUST LIKE HER MOMMA! She is currently teething big time. Since she has been a late teething bloomer, so she has 6 teeth coming in at one time. She has sprung 3 teeth, Blake and I are currently taking offers to sell our souls for the remaining 3 teeth that are coming in (just kidding, unless you have a solution!). There are some days that we have a perfect angel and somedays where we are seeing the "terrible two's" rear it's head. Here are some of Rose's new things she's doing: shaking her head "yes" or "no" to everything (sometimes, making herself fall in the process), launching her food across the room, naked baby time with a towel on her head, loving on her momma all the time :), wanting to go outside all the time, feeding Taylor, her paci and bottle and stacking anything and everything. She knows how to work her Pa, Jama and PMa everytime to get what she wants :) She is currently a fan of spaghetti and ham but hates bread, greens and her sippy cup if it has milk in it.

We are also enjoying watching some of our friends beginning their adventure down the path of parenthood and are thankful that we aren't getting up every 2 hours with a newborn (hehe).

Blake has finished 3 out of 6 classes for his Bachelors. He is so close to finishing - come on December! I am so thankful to have him around the house to help out and to be able to have the opportunity to give him time to find his way in this world. Rose and him are almost inseparable (but she still loves me the most), and it's been a blessing that he's been able to have this time to bond with her.

Blake and I will be taking our first "couples vacation" to Indy this upcoming weekend (thanks Mom and Dad!). I am hoping to not obsess about my princess too much. We also will have our annual family camping trip in a few weeks and then birthdays galore. September will be busier than August, but we are looking forward to it.

Hope you are all well and happy. Enjoy the last bit of summer while it's here, I know we will!

Some pictures and videos from our trip to Orange Beach, AL

Kiss Momma through the glass door.

Haha...her butt cheeks are stuck in her towel :)